At the time of the accident I was 49 years old. I broke my leg and ankle in a freak fall.  They had to operate on my leg to rebuild it. The operation lasted over 5 hours.

I have also been diabetic for the last 10 years. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, after collapsing having been hooked on to Sunny Delight drink when it first came out. Over the last the 10 years I have also become dependent on multitude of other medication to control diabetes related problems, such as cholesterol and blood pressure. The level of medication had increased to such a level that my GP had referred me to specialist as I had become resistant to my insulin. At first the level of units my body needed to absorb was around 15 to 20 units, I was now taking between 50 and 60 units of Nova Rapid insulin 3 times a day and 110 units of Levimer slow releasing insulin before bed to see me though the night. I was also, having to take 3 different types of Blood pressure tablets a day together with cholesterol tablets to keep my body in check. I don’t consume large amount of alcohol other than occasional glass of wine on special occasions. I don’t smoke, and I like to think I am active. I love cooking, so Didi and I ensure that we at least have 1 cooked meal a day that is cooked with fresh ingredients hence a daily visit to Tesco.

The only other thing that has been introduced to my, and lately my family’s diet is the Acai juice by MonaVie. I have been consuming MonaVie for the last 9 or 10 months.

Over the last 3 months I have noticed that my blood sugar levels have started to drop so the level of insulin that I have to inject has started to decrease. I only have to take 30 units 3 times a day or with meals and my slow release insulin is now down to around between 50 units and 60 units before bedtime. Since my last blood test my GP has now cut down my blood pressure tablet to 1 in the morning instead to the 3 that I used to take.

As regards to the broken ankle and leg, it seems to be healing a lot faster than anticipated by my consultant. According to the consultant, today I am about 2 months ahead of schedule. It’s an amazing turnaround, which I credit MonaVie for, both in my recovery with my diabetes and the healing of my broken leg and ankle.

I seem to be having much better sleep through the night and I feel a lot more energetic through the day. My son who is 9 years old and a budding footballer, seems to have a lot more energy than a lot of 11 year old he is training with.

I guess anyone wishing to consume MonaVie for their well being my well have different results based on their own conditions and level of consumption of the juice. The above is my personal testimony, as there are many other testimonies on the internet of people who have recovered from various other illnesses.

My Leg After The Accident/Operation

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9 Weeks After The Operation! 

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